6 of the most romantic resorts in Thailand

Thailand possesses some wonderful resorts which you should consider for your next romantic getaway. Depending upon what you desire, you could opt for the majestic beaches that surround the Sarojin or maybe you’d rather get a taste of the nightlife by opting for Phuket. No matter which resort you may choose, expect world-class dining, various water sports from snorkeling and dining, or maybe just opt to take in the scenery from your lounge chair or room itself.

Hotels in this list:


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The Most Beautiful Swimming Pools In Thailand

This article is about the most beautiful swimming pools located at resorts in Thailand. The list consists of seven swimming pools that tourists can experience first hand. They vary in shape, size, color, and location. One pool is high up on a skyscraper! Another is colored blood orange and looks out at a pristine beach! Still another extends out over a downward slope in the jungle. The pools are located in beach towns and cities, and are often located close to transportation and other destinations and amenities.

Key Takeaways:

  • The Library is a beach resort on the island of Koh Samui, located in southeast Thailand.
  • The Library’s pool, which features Italian mosaic tiles of orange, yellow and red, appears vividly blood red, at first glance. Check out The Library Ko Samui
  • The Okura Prestige has a cantilevered swimming pool on its 25th floor. Check out the Okura Prestige Bangkok


“After some intense sight-seeing, there’s no better way to relax and enjoy the sizzling Thai sunshine than with a refreshing dip in a stunning swimming pool — maybe even followed by a cheeky poolside cocktail if you’re lucky.”

Original Source: https://whatsonsukhumvit.com/the-most-beautiful-swimming-pools-in-thailand/

10 of the best hotels for vegan luxury in Thailand

Veganism is becoming increasingly popular in the 21st century, and if you’re a vegan some hotels located in Thailand might be right just for you:

1) Evason Hua Hin – it has plant-based cuisine with fresh juices, nut milks and homemade jams.

2) Four Seasons Resort Chiang Mai – there is a daily farmer’s parade where songs are sung.

3) Kata Rocks – very luxurious hotel where you can even learn how to cook vegan meals.

4) Mercure Koh Chang Hideaway – luxurious hotel filled with tofu and vegetables, as well as noodle dishes and spring rolls.

5) Paresa Resort Phuket – Many residents here follow a vegan diet, especially during the Phuket Vegetarian Festival.

6) Shangri La Chiang Mai – it is a very wealthy hotel filled with began meals, including noodle soup and fruit, etc.

7) Six Senses Yao Noi – This resort in particular is surrounded by plants and other fruit trees. It even offers a variety of vegan sorbets!

8) Sofitel Krabi Phokeethra Resort – They have meals like tofu stir fried with holy basil among other things.

9) Sofitel So Bangkok – Luxurious for vegans in particular because of the specialized vegan meals.

10) Soneva Kiri – Plenty of vegan meals to go around that can serve to your liking. It is one of the best-known resorts in the world!

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The worst hotel design flaws: There’s a window in my shower

In “The Worst Hotel Design Flaws: There’s a Window in my shower..”, Christopher Elliot writes about hotel design flaws, and how it disrupts the privacy of family vacations. He explains the various reasons why architectural designs are important when building a hotel. He also talks about the alien and modern design structures for bedrooms that can make specific stays uncomfortable. He lists reasons why the hotel industry is not up to date with it’s current customer’s needs. Elliot concludes his article encouraging travelers to trust hotel chains to provide a basic and comfortable room structure with no hidden updates or unfortunate events.

Featured photo above: Siam Kempinski Bangkok

Key Takeaways:

  • A hotel room will fail, no matter how intriguing the design, if the elements do not function correctly.
  • Be careful when designing a bathroom, to respect a client’s privacy.
  • Many room designs fail because they do not keep up with the twenty first century.

“If you’ve stayed in a resort with a design flaw, you might be wondering whether there’s any way to avoid doing so again. It turns out there is.”

Original Source: http://www.traveller.com.au/the-worst-hotel-design-flaws-theres-a-window-in-my-shower-gyjd0o

Lumpini Park Guide

Lumpini Park, named after the birthplace of the Buddha in Nepal, is a 142 acre sanctuary of nature in the center of Bangkok. The popular park is littered with eye-catching entertainment for all ages including: sculptures and pavilions, swan paddle boats, and even a fitness center complete with tennis courts and an indoor pool. While it offers a nice relaxing break from the hubub of the city, there is always something going on inside.
Lumpini park is also monitored by its own residents: huge lazy lizards! With plenty to eat in the ponds, some have grown 10 feet in length. It’s always fun to watch unsuspecting visitors out for an afternoon jog come across one of these monsters for the first time in the middle of their run!  Many Turtles, birds, and squirrels also call this park home.

Key Takeaways:

  • Lumphini Park is named after the birthplace of Buddha. It opens early so it makes for a great retreat to meditate.
  • The park has an open air aerobics class every evening at 6pm that always brings a crowd.
  • The parks diverse wildlife is sure to grab your attention. Just watch out for unusual scaly residents (harmless).

“Bangkok is a colorful and chaotic capital city brimming with exotic delights, but for even the most energetic of travelers the crowds and traffic can sometimes get a little overwhelming.”

Original Source: https://whatsonsukhumvit.com/lumpini-park-guide/

Hotels near Lumpini Park