The best time to fly to get an empty seat next to you on a plane

When travelling by airplane you get to pick your seat but you don’t get to choose who sits next to you. Often times you are sitting next to strangers unless you are with your family, but even then sometimes you are separated. However, there is a way to help you find seats on flights by yourself. Find out when the certain times of the year are when the least number of people are flying.

Key Takeaways:

  • Most travellers line up their travel plans with holidays and school breaks.
  • Premium economy provides exit row seating. The extra leg room is worth the upgrade.
  • Look for seats in the back of the plan. The way they are built allows better seating.

“The number of passengers travelling on aircraft in any particular month is a fair indication of what your seat is going to cost.”

Original Source: http://www.traveller.com.au/the-best-time-to-fly-to-get-an-empty-seat-next-to-you-on-a-plane-gvidpm

15 things you should do to be a responsible traveller

When you’re travelling, it is a wonderful experience, but if you’re not travelling responsibly, things can also have a scary side that you do not want to include on the agenda. There are a few ways that you can be a responsible traveller and ensure a carefree time when you are headed from one destination to the next. These 15 tips are some of the best ways to secure your great time no matter where you travel.

Key Takeaways:

  • You should always do your best to respect local laws and customs.
  • You should shop locally. Haggling is ok (in some countries- know which ones)  but should be done reasonably.
  • Don’t do anything that is exploiting animals for profit, like elephant riding or lion walks.

“Whether it is viewing the sunset at Halong Bay in Vietnam or snorkelling at the Great Barrier Reef in Australia, soaking up local culture and what our planet has to offer can be enriching, inspiring and something to tell your kids one day.”

Original Source: http://www.aluxurytravelblog.com/2017/03/23/15-things-you-should-do-to-be-a-responsible-traveller/

Large supply threatens hotel growth

Tourism to Thailand has been growing, causing Thailand’s hotel sector to be one of the few sectors to experience growth. Bangkok hotel’s had a 73% occupancy rate in the second quarter, their best in several years.
Unlike the situation in other countries, hotels in Thailand have not had to deal with competition from Airbnb. This is because Thailand prohibits rentals of less than one month without a hotel license.
Developers are building new hotels to keep up with demand. Over the next four years, approximately 10,600 new rooms are scheduled to be completed.

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Dusit International to open new hotel in Bangkok’s renowned Chatuchak Market

One of Thailand’s most popular hotel development companies, Dusit International, is planning on opening he first ever hotel in Chatuchak Market, a world-famous location in Thailand. The hotel is scheduled to open up its doors sometime in 2019 and will feature other new retail businesses as well. The area in which the new hotel will be located, is one of Thailand’s most popular tourist destinations. This sounds perfectly fit as to why a hotel should be built there.

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Is Hotel Loyalty Overrated?

The conventional wisdom that hotels should increase business by trying to get more bookings from their loyal customers is being challenged. According to new research, hotels might be better off following in the footsteps of other companies who have made big profits by bringing in new, casual customers who only use their products occasionally.

”Your customers are customers of other brands who occasionally buy you.”

It is suggested that hotels might see better results with marketing strategies that focus on making new customers aware of their brand rather than through focusing on loyalty or reward programs.

Key Takeaways:

  • 42% of purchases are from returning customers to the brand. Capturing returning guest market share is a key to hotel success.
  • Creating a unique story will drive today customer to book a hotel.
  • Social media engagement is a poor indication of loyalty. Research shows that Facebook followers rarely click on offers.

“Many travelers do not seem to care much about the hotel brands, as long as they can get the perception of good value by booking through OTAs.”

The quote above comes from the article linked below, and while this may be the case for a lot of people, it certainly isn’t the case for myself and many others who love hotels and also love being shown appreciation from hotels that I show loyalty to. While it is all well and good to court new customers, and as a lover of hotels I wish all hoteliers only the best of success, I certainly hope this research doesn’t encourage hotel marketing departments to start courting new guests at the expense of people who choose to spend their money and time staying at their properties for reasons other than it is the cheapest option they can find.

Original Source: https://www.hotelnewsresource.com/article93811.html