Ladprao: The lifestyle center of North Bangkok

Discover connectivity, nature, shopping, food and the good life at two of the major intersecting streets in North Bangkok. Experience what life at Ladprao has to offer, which is a little bit of everything it appears. This urban area connects to various traffic routes throughout Bangkok making it easily accessible. There are relaxing suburban areas and grassy parks to explore as well. You will view many different types of people and places, with a wide variety of shops and stores to satisfy all your tastes, from shopping to dining.

Key Takeaways:

  • Ladprao has easy access to other highways and bus travel as well as airport service.
  • Diversified people and styles of living are to be found throughout the area.
  • Great food and stylish shopping are as unique as the area.

“This underrated neighborhood encapsulates Bangkok’s bustling urban excitement and still manages to offer relaxing suburban greenery.”

Original Source: https://coconuts.co/bangkok/lifestyle/848910/

SureStay Hotel Group® Set for Asian Debut

The Best Western chain has exciting news of opening up their first new Asian hotel in downtown Bangkok. The new hotel will be managed and operated by SureStay Hotel Group, a sub division of Best Western. It will contain 85 rooms featuring in-room free Wi-Fi and a business corner for the working traveler. Asia has a lot of different options when it comes to hotels but needs more lower-midscale accommodations. The new hotel is hoping fill in the gap while being in the center of Bangkok near businesses and entertainment.

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The Big Issue: Carry-on baggage limits

Flying with only carry-on bags can save you a lot of money and provide a fee for checking your bag. Although it sounds nice, there are carry on bag limits. Some plane companies will enforce their bag limits more than others. It’s hard to say when you’ll be checked for these bag limits because sometimes they happen on the spot. These bag limit range from 1 Kg to 7 Kg for one bag. If flyers exceed this limit, it can result in a fine.

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Breathtaking seaside hotel in Thailand practices radical reuse, grows 100% of its produce

The Tongsal Bay Hotel in Koh Samui’s northern coast not only has breathtaking water views, but is built on 28 1/2 acres of untouched land, hosting several bird and animal species. The hotel was built in 1987 and was built without removing or cutting down any of the local trees. The three restaurants at the hotel use sustainable, produce from it’s own gardens and composts food waste back into the gardens.. The hotel even recycles it’s old bed linens into napkins. The bay it overlooks is private and water sports are prohibited, it’s truly a stay in paradise.

Key Takeaways:

  • Tongsai has three restaurants that all source produce that is grown on their land.
  • With over 20 acres of fertile soil Tongasi Bay Hotel has begun utilizing this resource to grow produce.
  • A world class experience with the peace of mind of environmental responsibility awaits you at Tongas Bay hotel.

“Overlooking a private bay along the Northern Coast of Koh Samui, Thailand, The Tongsai Bay Hotel boasts more than luxurious seaside accommodations.”

Original Source: http://inhabitat.com/breathtaking-seaside-hotel-in-thailand-practices-radical-reuse-grows-100-of-its-produce/

Marriott targets millennials with ‘lifestyle’ range Moxy Hotels

Marriott’s Moxy Hotels are changing the game and redirecting towards millennials who are slated to make up half of all traveling done by 2020. Focusing on their sensibilities, Moxy offers this new breed of traveler an opportunity to combine business with leisure. It’s the ideal environment to get things done and take a load off. The lifestyle-oriented space offered in these new properties all amenities of a high-tech modern affordable hotel with a sense of connection to the local community and other travelers in many expanding markets across the world.

Key Takeaways:

  • Millennials are responsible for half the travel spending in hotels last year.
  • Communal areas are being designed into hotels to accommodate millennials expectations.
  • Social Media plays a key rule in trust and value that is perceived by millennials.

“We launched it because in the lifestyle space we thought there wasn’t really a great stylish affordable hotel brand.”

Original Source: http://travelwireasia.com/2017/04/marriott-targets-millennials-lifestyle-range-moxy-hotels/