The top 10 airline safety videos: And the winner is…

Why do airline safety videos have to be so darn boring? The author of this article follows the evolution of the airline safety videos through the years. From the days of excruciatingly dull videos through to the new age of interesting and informative videos. It seems that airline CEO’s have finally figured out that safety can be less excruciating to learn about. The author of this article shares the top 10 airline safety videos now in use.

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Airlines with the most legroom in economy and premium economy

Increasingly, consumers are willing to pay a premium for increased legroom. Legroom is the most requested perk, more than food, beverages and WiFi. Many airlines operating within Australia are attuned to the needs of increased legroom creating what is referred to as a premium economy class. Seat cushions can quickly deplete available leg space on a plane. Emirates, Cathay Pacific and Jet Airways offers economy seats with competitive legroom. The above mentioned airliners are aware of the priceless importance of traveling comfortably.

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Thailand to spend billions improving airports

Thailand’s transportation system will soon improve- specifically, their airports! A plan has been approved and is in the works to improve and put new developments into a number of airports spanning the region, increasing their value and quality for travelers. The passenger capacity is projected to increase, as well as the capacity of the airports. In total, an estimated 11+ Billion USD will be invested into this improvement project. This work is thought to be completed within ten years.

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Akaryn Hotel Group receives prestigious accolades for three hotels at Thailand Boutique Awards 2017

The Thailand Boutique Awards, sponsored by KTC, Bangkok Airways, MasterCard, True Corporation and the Tourism Authority of Thailand are intended to celebrate the best of the best of Thailand’s small to medium boutique hotels on quality, innovation and efficiency.


Categories such as “Best Design” and “Best Green Hotel” push owners to constantly expand their hotel concepts in sustainability, which is an integral part of the Thailand culture. Several local hotels are identified as best in class for their innovations and giving back to local community. For visitors who value an eco friendly experience, this article is helpful.


Key Takeaways:

  • Akaryn Hotel Group has received multiple important awards that are related to hospitality.
  • The Thailand Boutique awards are sponsored by many different hospitality organizations, making it a very prestigious award.
  • Akaryn Hotel Group are very excited to receive these hospitality awards and look forward to getting more.

“Every one of our hotels and resorts is unique and draws inspiration from its surroundings while giving back to the local community it belongs to.”

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Ari: One of Greater Bangkok’s trendiest suburbs

If you are out and about in Bangkok, take the time to visit the many beautiful suburbs the city has to offer. One of the hottest areas in recent times is Ari. If you are in Bangkok, a visit to this trendy suburb is sure to put a smile on your face. The immaculate scenery is enhanced with the many landmarks, restaurants, and attractions found within the streets of this suburb. Be sure to add Ari (conveniently located on the Skytrain Sukhumvit line) to your to-do list next time you are in Bangkok.

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