Where are the best seats in economy?

The article is about where the best seats are in economy class. The writer explains the different advantages of sitting in specific rows in the airplane. For example, if you want to get out fast when landing, it is best to sit near the exit, back of the plane if you don’t want to pay an extra fee.

Key Points:

  • Seats toward the rear of the plane are bumpier, you might be almost the last off and expect more engine noise. You might be near the galley and toilets, you might be among the last to get a meal service.
  • For all those reasons these are the last seats to be filled, but for those who can live with the downsides there’s a decent chance of an empty seat beside you.
  • Any seat in front of the wings is prime since engine noise is deflected backwards. Bulkhead seats are more likely to be affected by crying infants, although they usually give you a few extra centimeters of leg room. Bulkhead seating is a great choice for flyers who detest seat recliners since there’s no seat in front to recline.

“For flyers who like to eyeball vacant rows and move as soon as the doors close, back of the plane is ideal.”

Sites like SeatGuru show you the best and worst seats on individual flights. Input your flight number and SeatGuru shows you where to avoid, and where to aim for.

Original Source: Where are the best seats in economy?

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