Have you been to Thailand’™s forgotten backyard?

Despite being Thailand’s largest region, Isan has been largely neglected by the foreign tourists who flock to Phuket and Bangkok. Isan is ethnically diverse, with Vietnamese and Lao cultural influences, and offers a slower-paced but sometimes more authentic version of Thailand than the bustling cities. Isan offers many amazing parks and wildlife refuges teeming with unique plants and animals, including Khao Yai, Pha Taem and Tat Ton National Parks. The Thai Ministry of Tourism and Sports hopes to turn Isan into the next tourist trap, though, so hurry up and see it before that happens!

Key Takeaways:

  • Isan is a large and culturally diverse region of Thailand with many Lao and Vietnamese influences.
  • Isan has many exquisite National Parks full of beautiful scenery and unique wildlife, and many charming and affordable places to stay.
  • The Thai Tourism Ministry wants to heavily promote Isan’s four cities as the next big tourist hubs.

“But the Southeast Asian country actually has more tricks up its sleeve that you’d expect. If you knew where to look, of course.”

Read more: https://travelwireasia.com/2018/08/thailands-forgotten-backyard/

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