Indigo Pearl rebranded as ‘The Slate’

A member of the Design Hotels group, the iconic Indigo Pearl Resort sitting at Nai Yang Beach has been rebranded as “The Slate”, in a salute to the area’s tin mining heritage.

Design Hotels have been giving its patrons superlative hospitality services at 280 small boutique and luxury hotels that are independently owned in over 50 countries. The Slate Resort, designed by award-winning architect Bill Bensley, will remain under the operation of the “No-Ranong” Family. One of the finest hotels in Phuket, The Slate will maintain its reputation for fantastic client service of indulging in local customs, heritage and cuisine whilst creating an edge of curiosity.  A mere 10 minutes from Phuket International Airport, the vast grounds of the resort back onto the beach, a true tropical oasis.


The award winning property boasts 8 restaurants and bars, 3 outdoor swimming pools, tennis courts, kids club, a private beach club and the indulgent tree-house style treatment enclave known as “The Nest” at the COQOON Spa for those indulgent moments of bliss.  Its soaring teak beamed ceilings showcase bejeweled pillars where brilliant blue plush furnishings are set off by burnished metallic art pieces dotted throughout the hotel with expanses of polished wooden floors.

Pool Suite at The Slate Phuket

d-buk suite at The Slate Phuket

Private Pool VIlla at The Slate Phuket

The resort offers 177 accommodation suites of decadence that are sheer elegance in Thai style of predominantly open plan rooms with masses of area to stretch out in, where the inside blends seamlessly to the outside with verandahs and balconies flush with comfy daybeds or private spas.  Richly furnished and decorated, the bathrooms will have you swooning and running for that rubber ducky to throw in the monstrous soaking tub.

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Gail Palethorpe is a self-confessed travel junky and caffeine addict with a penchant for the finer things in life such as expensive wine, designer labels and decadent fluffy pillows to lay her head on at night. Having lived in Thailand for numerous years, she is a bit of an avid hotel bed sleuth where the sheet thread count rivals the depth of the bathtub, free standing of course, and whether there is a rubber duck to play with. It is always those extra touches that win her over.

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