“World Class” Phuket Tourism Attraction Opens

As of February 2nd, Phuket announced that a new tourist attraction based on the histories of Thai mythologies has opened. It is located in the Central Floresta mall and has a Tribhum theme, with three distinct themes; the Underwater World, the Silver Forest World and the magic Forest World. The capacity of the new attraction is large, as one million people are expected to visit it on an annual basis. This new attraction highlights a shift in Phuket tourist destinations; older tourist spots in Phuket were based on the beaches there, but more and more new attractions are being added into the mall area. In fact, a new aquarium is expected to open in the Central Floresta area in the near future, as well.

It is unconfirmed if they are gong with the infamous Thai double-pricing.

Key Takeaways:

  • A new themed attraction has opened at the luxury mall in Phuket’s Central Floresta.
  • It is advertised as containing mystical 3-D worlds and as a 3-D adventure.
  • Having spent 600 million dollars, 1 million visitors ate expected. The same area expects to open an Aquarium next year.

“For thousands of years, the legend of two mythical races, Garuda and Naga has been existing in ancient cultures across the world. The people in Suvarnabhumi countries including Thailand also inherit the belief of the magical power of the Great Garuda and the King of Nagas and a tale of the mythical land where humans and animals could not reach. Are they the real creatures?”

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Walking on air. 314 metres above Bangkok.

A thick glass covered flooring, atop a high place, for the purpose of standing, walking, ogling and testing one’s ability to withstand heights, it’s not a new concept. However, the newest skywalk in Bangkok, as the concept is called, is being billed as the biggest ever. It’s located in Thailand, specifically atop the Mahanakhon building, Thailand’s tallest structure. The skywalk affords those not afflicted with acrophobia with 360 degrees of viewing pleasure, including straight down for a total of 314 meters. The walk is on the 74th floor and reached by an elevator that can ascend in as little as 50 seconds. King Power International, the group responsible for the walkway, are certain the new hot spot will benefit tourism, besides also proving befitting of the new Thai identity in the eyes of the world. Besides the skywalk, the building has shopping malls, International food offerings and duty-free shops. There are observation decks on the 74th and 78th floors.

Key Takeaways:

  • Many people have a wish list that includes going to visit Bangkok at some point in their lifetime.
  • There are so many things for people to do in the great city of Bangkok as many tourists frequent it.
  • The views that can be seen from this air walk are spectacular and people get great photos from it.

“The building features outdoor and indoor observation decks on the 78th and 74 floors respectively, modern shopping malls, varieties of both Thai and international food and duty-free shops (of course).”

Later this year, the Orient Express Mahanakhon Bangkok will open in this building. You can read more about it and other hotels opening in Thailand this year in the 2019 New Thai Hotels Master List.

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Airline etiquette: Tips from an expert

Being on an airplane is a fun and unique experience. Most people, in their lifetimes, have been on multiple planes. For the people that are new to it, they still do not know exactly how to act. There are some people who do not know how to act in real life and on the plane, it is only magnified. Some key tips are just to be courteous of the people around you, try to keep it quiet, and be pleasant with the stewardesses.

Key Takeaways:

  • Some people lose their sense of manners when they enter an airport that you wonder what became of them.
  • Some seat switchers can be so rude that they want to take your legitimate seat from you, even calling the flight attendant to do so.
  • Another occasion for flight etiquette is the issue of having bags checked. Some don’t want to have their bags checked that they become so rude to others.

“I have traveled more than 250,000 miles last year for my work as an aviation journalist, and I’ve also worked at two airlines, so I’m not new to this rodeo.”

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The Sukhothai Bangkok Gets Makeover and New Club Wing

The Sukhothai Bangkok hotel will be opening its new Club Wing. The Club Wing will include 33 new rooms and suites, a Club Lounge, a new fitness center, a newly-renovated swimming pool. The La Scala Restaurant, the award-winning Italian restaurant located in the same building, has also been extensively renovated. The renovations were overseen by American architect and interior designer Ed Tuttle, who originally designed the hotel 27 years ago. The rest of the hotel will be similarly renovated in the next few years.

Key Takeaways:

  • The luxurious club wing is blessed with 33 rooms that are all brand new with Italian restaurants, a fitness center and a swimming pool.
  • Ed Thuttle who originally designed the hotel was asked to do the renovations because he understands that the hotel represents everything Thai.
  • When he conceived the first design for the hotel, Ed Tuttle invoked the 13th century Sukhothai era in his designs.

“Legendary hotel The Sukhothai Bangkok will commence a new chapter of its 27 year old history when the newly completed Club Wing opens its doors to guests for the upcoming festive season.”

See 65 photos and check rates at Sukhothai Bangkok

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Your guide to hotel club lounge access

If you are someone that travels a lot, taking advantage of hotel club access can be really smart. There are a lot of perks that come from traveling a lot and though it is an expense, you can make it worth it by using these types of perks. It is something that not everyone can relate to but the ones who do know about it are very thankful that they do. All major hotel chains have their own loyalty programs and its a good idea to choose one that has an abundance of properties in areas that you travel.

Key Takeaways:

  • You can pay a higher rate for club access, but earn enough status in the hotel’s loyalty program and depending on the brand and your rank, you may get a certain number of upgrades to club lounge rooms per year.
  • Evening cocktails and canapes, along with breakfast are included.
  • Many hotels also offer a free re-stocked mini-bar. The extra price can pan out well if you do the math.

“Hotel club lounges can be a business traveller’s best friend, offering a place to perch and work during the day, and to unwind with a tipple in the evening (not that we’d ever suggest spending your whole day indoors!)”

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