A Maze of Amazing Bangkok Khlongs

Klong Dao Kanong is a canal in Thailand. Travelers on the Kanong will experience several sharp right angles as they proceed along the waterway’s path. The banks of the canal also incorporate a wealth of interesting history that can be seen in the array of buildings and edifices. A buzz of factory activity was once the norm in the area and many old buildings attest to this. There are houseboats, verdant greenery and an array of wildlife to be seen. Some of the religious edifices include a large Buddha and an imposing black monk in a golden robe. The monk is a testament to the canal’s history, as monks would at one time go out in boats to receive early morning alms. There’s a new school and a snake farm. A trip to view all the treasures and history of the canal takes about three hours.

Key Takeaways:

  • Bangkok is one of the world’s most visited cities and that is because it is so unique.
  • The large river that runs through the city is one of the things about the city that catches the eye.
  • In general, Bangkok is very cheap to travel to and to stay at for people looking to visit.

“The main river is full of visual treasures and lasting experiences. A mighty river loaded with Asian history.”

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Thailand is among Top 3 destinations for disconnecting from work


It used to be that hotels would charge for Wifi. After a few years most hotels caught on that pretty much everybody sees wifi as a commodity and not an option. And if Wifi is a commodity, how can they charge for it? You don’t see hotels charging extra for electricity do we?

But while the prevalence of Wifi is seen as a good thing by almost everybody, it makes it that much harder to disconnect from work while you are on vacation. If your boss knows you can get online, the more chances there are of him or her bugging you while you are on vacation. If only there were places you could go that had less coverage and provided you with a built-in excuse not to check in back at the office…

Luckily somebody has done the research for us and come up with the three countries with the highest percentage of hotels without Wifi.

Key Takeaways:

  • If you are looking for a Thai destination where your boss can’t reach you, opt for the more rustic areas rather than urban centers such as Bangkok.
  • The vast plains and deserts of Mongolia also offer respite for travelers who wish to disconnect.
  • You can truly get away from it all among the mountains, hot springs, and volcanoes of Chile, where 17 percent of the hotels lack a wireless connection.

“According to research by a global travel agency Trip.com, the countries with the fewest hotels equipped with W-Fi are Chile, Mongolia and Thailand.”

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While it might be hard to totally stay offline, you could prepare yourself entertainment-wise by downloading shows from Netflix onto your tablet and also downloading Spotify playlists before you go. Oh, and load up your Kindle. Better yet, try going retro and take some books and a walkman!

‘Mind the gap’: An alarming new trend in hotel beds


There is an alarming trend that is taking part of hotel beds in recent times. In some places, booking a double, queen or king sized bed results in the cheeky act of hotels just pushing two single beds together. That is bad enough enough, but sometimes these beds have wheels and you can imagine the result if you try to snuggle up too close in the middle. Beds that have a sort of gap between them are also considered to not be good for your back! While these beds can sometimes be found in America, the majority of these situations occur in Europe where they have one or two beds within a hotel room. The gaps that is caused by having two beds can be unexpected for travelers of any age.

Key Takeaways:

  • In Europe, many of the hotel rooms have large gaps between the beds and that is tradition.
  • It can be hard on the back if you are sleeping in beds with a massive gap.
  • Being comfortable while sleeping is paramount as your body is in that state for a very long period of time.

“In this case the results of ignoring the advice run slightly less risk of fatality, but it’s still a trick of the hotel trade that gets under my skin.”

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Here’s why Hua Hin in Thailand should be your next big escape

Hard to believe but Hua Hin, a tranquil resort destination, lies near the rambunctious Bangkok. Hua Hin offers something for everyone. Wine lovers flock their to enjoy their favorite drink, golfers roam its many courses (there are over then of them to help you test your swing) and vacationers take advantage of its beaches and posh hotels. Best of all, the vacation town is a hidden gem meaning that it doesn’t suffer from overcrowding the way some other places do.

Key Takeaways:

  • One of the best places to go and see in Thailand is Hua Hin for a variety of different reasons.
  • Going to travel to Thailand is very cheap and you get a lot for your money in such a nice country.
  • One of the best things about going to Thailand is the high quality hotels for a fraction of the price elsewhere.

“The more I travel the more convinced I am that the ultimate luxury at a hotel is not the toiletries or the linen — it is space. A large bathroom, open areas, outdoor seating options, a giant bed to sink into and loads of space to move around … that to me is real luxury.”

Best Luxury Hotels in Hua Hin
Best Budget Hotels in Hua Hin

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Why hotels don’t talk about their secret VIP-only rooms


In the hotel The Retreat at the Blue Lagoon there is a suite called the Blue Lagoon suite that cannot be found online at the hotel website or other travel sites. This suite is expensive at $10,500 per night, but is booked by invitation only. Rooms like this are often kept off of online booking sites not only for the privacy of the suite, but to prevent large groups of people from splitting the room to throw a party. The Blue Lagoon is not the only hotel to have suites such as this, other hotels also practice the same thing. Some require bookings to be requested via email.

Key Takeaways:

  • Privacy is one key reason why a hotel might keep their VIP-only rooms a secret; guests can slip in and out unnoticed.
  • Hotels might wish to keep their VIP-only rooms secret because they wish to protect their assets by keeping these rooms in top condition.
  • Sending out exclusive invitations and booking elite guests via email allows hotels to vet guests and prevent last-minute cancellations.

“But within the retreat lies one ultra-exclusive space that few visitors will ever know exists.”

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