5 most amazing swimming pools in Bangkok hotels

Infinity pool at 137 Pillars Bangkok


The temperature regularly hovers close to 90 degrees Fahrenheit in Bangkok, which makes the de rigueur hotel swimming pool more than a mere amenity. It becomes an absolute necessity. That said, the best of Bangkok’s hotel swimming pool options go above and beyond the basics of cooling off over-heated guests.

The best of those at Bangkok hotels have superlative views. They’re architecturally stunning. They’re private. They offer spread-out room for swimmers and comfort for sun-worshipers. And, they offer delectable beverages and edibles for both groups. Five to keep firmly in mind, should you be planning a stay in Bangkok are, the pool at the Siam, Bangkok, the pool at the St. Regis, Bangkok, the pool at the Sukhothai, the pool at The Peninsula, Bangkok and the pool at 137 Pillars, Bangkok.

Key Takeaways:

  • The Siam Bangkok‘s swimming pool is perfect for swimmers and suntanning guests. Morning and evening dips here are welcome.
  • The stylish design and lovely smelling plants surrounding the St. Regis Bangkok‘s swimming pool makes it a pool to remember.
  • The swimming pool of The Sukhothai is very big and one can enjoy beer and burgers at the poolside.

“With temperatures constantly hovering above 30 degrees Celsius, a good swim, preferably complemented by grand views and attentive service, is mandatory in Bangkok.”

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Apart from the pools mentioned in the article above, I think an honourable mention should go to the tropical paradise that is the pool at the Sheraton Grande Sukhumvit Bangkok, which was featured in the 2008 Nicolas cage movie Bangkok Dangerous.

Top Ten things to know about the Bangkok Skytrain (BTS)

The Bangkok Transit System (BTS) is so famous in Bangkok that residents have dubbed it the Skytrain and it is well known as much as the good street food in Bangkok and the prevalence of fake viagra. The transit system is operated by the Bangkok Mass Transit System (BTSC) which is a subsidiary of the company known as BTS Group Holdings that is operating under a concession which was granted to it by the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration (BMA). There are 43 stations in the system that are organized along two lines. The first line, the Sukhumvit line runs from the north to the east and ends at the stations at Mo Chit and Kheka respectively. The second line is the Silom Line which operates at Silom and Sathon Roads which are the central business districts under the BMA and it ends at the National Stadium and Bang Wa. An Airport link that is dedicated link runs from the city to Suvarnabhumi and in the future there are plans to open another line that will lead to Don Mueang. To complement the BTS there is an underground and elevated railways lines for the Mass Transit system. This additions were because the growth in traffic in the district has been very huge in recent times.

Key Takeaways:

  • The Bangkok Transit System (BTS) has been famously nicknamed the Skytrain by the residents of Bangkok and it is as well known as the street food and fake viagra.
  • One of the links in the transit system is the link that is dedicated to run from the Airport to Suvarnabhumi.
  • The traffic growth in recent times has been really gigantic that is why a railway line and an underground line were also added.

“The system consists of 43 stations along two lines: the Sukhumvit Line running northwards and eastwards, terminating at Mo Chit and Kheha respectively, and the Silom Line which serves Silom and Sathon Roads, the central business district of Bangkok, terminating at National Stadium and Bang Wa.”

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A luxury-tinged guide to Thailand’s Railay Beach

Railay Beach


There are four main stretches that make up Railay Beach, and all have the same gorgeous scenery that the entire Thai mainland offers you. There are tons of Thai-style beach houses that sit along the shoreline which attract many tourists to buy property in the area. Visitors love to sit and stargaze while admiring the gorgeous waterfront and beautifully lit sky. During low tide, a path emerges where you can travel from one beachfront to another.

Key Takeaways:

  • Phara Nang Beach, near Thailand’s Railay Peninsula, is surrounded by giant, cliff-like limestone karats that are beautiful when bathed in light from the sunset.
  • The karst formations make it very hard to get to Phara Nang by land, which has helped to preserve it.
  • Rayavadee is a gorgeous luxury resort which is the only major piece of development directly connected to Phara Nang.

“The tide is out, attracting the beachcombers in its wake. Families with young children trudge through the wet, mucky sand past the dozen or so anchored long tail boats that remain now that the day trippers have left.”

Find hotels in Krabi

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5 luxury hotel group personalities


Did you know that hotels actually embody certain personalities that vary from brand to brand? Depending on what you’re looking for during your stay, you’re going to want to get to know each personality on an individual level in order to choose the best option for you. For example, a hotel with an Aman personality is one that is known for peace and serenity. A Four Seasons hotel is one for those who like to experience high levels of sociability.

Key Takeaways:

  • Luxury hotel brands each have their own unique personality which distinguishes them from their competition.
  • The Four Seasons is perfect for the traveler looking for a classic luxury hotel stay, with personable staff and trendy restaurants and bars.
  • Six Senses is a luxury hotel brand that has a unique rustic flair, with some rooms and bars built out of wood and around caves.

“Whilst luxury hotels are all of exceptionally high quality, each brand has their own twist on the concept. It’s this twist that can really enhance your travel experience, setting it apart from others.”

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What’s the fate of Khao San Road’s food stalls?


The food stalls in the great Khao San Road are not looking as good as they once did. At one time, this area was full of tourists and able to be seen by many people who were interested in this time period and the lives that the settlers of this area led. But due to a government crackdown on street stalls, it is sad to see the state of what the stalls have now become but the bottom line is it is what it is.

Key Takeaways:

  • The food stalls at Khao San Road banned by the city from operating outside the hours of 6 pm and 12 am.
  • It is hard to imagine what the fate of these particular stalls is going to be.
  • Many people want to preserve the stalls but some find them to be unnecessary to keep.

“The ban was slapped on the stall owners for BMA to regulate hygiene, monitor traffic, create parking space for ambulances and return the sidewalks, which the stalls currently occupy, to pedestrians.”

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