Bangkok Riverside: A quick guide

The majestic Chao Phraya River in Bangkok is very well known and is the dynamic pulse of life in the city. The river provides easy access to many parts of the city and some of the most luxurious hotels in Bangkok. The river is a constant hive of activity with all kinds of boats, from hotel shuttle boats to longtail boats for hire, to public ferries to giant really long garbage barges! Some of the best views in the city can be had from on or around the river,  including the amazing Temple of Dawn from the river as well as the historic riverside shopping district. The temples that can be seen from the river look so majestic.

Key Takeaways:

  • Bangkok is one of the most well traveled to places in the whole entire world for good reason.
  • Understand how the city of Bangkok works is essential to knowing how to navigate it.
  • The actual things that are provided by the river are essential for the way that people live in Bangkok.

“The Chao Phraya River is the heart of Bangkok and the riverside one of its most charismatic areas from which you can explore the city from the water or watch the world go by on its riverbanks.”

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10 travel tips to help you to get the most out of your summer vacation

There are lots of ways to make your summer vacation the best it can be and save money, too. For example, traveling on a Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday will typically mean cheaper airfare and less crowded airports. Check your hotel bill carefully, and avoid checking in at the same time that there is a big event going on in the vicinity. Always know your rights, including your right to compensation from the airline if your flight is more than 3 hours late.

Key Takeaways:

  • When traveling ensure you plan ahead, try to avoid scheduling around other large events, and plan to travel during the middle of the work week.
  • Consider all the extra costs and hidden fees associated with hotels, luggage, and know the rules and regulations around your plans.
  • Staying longer can decrease your cost and knowing other nearby destinations can give you a two-for-one feeling as you may accomplish both visits.

“Summer is around the corner, and many travelers all over the world are busy planning their vacations. In an effort to help travelers enjoy their trip and get the most bang for their buck, air passenger rights and travel”

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Seven Eco-Friendly Properties in Thailand That Don’t Sacrifice Luxury for Sustainability


Thailand is one of those places that is getting a bit more mainstream in the eyes of many. It has long been a beautiful vacation spot and that has been well noted. However, now it is becoming a place that is much more inhabitable than people have initially believed. Thailand is very hot but they are one of the leaders in terms of having eco-friendly properties. The Six Senses group have long been known for their eco friendly approach to resort living, now more and more properties are seeing the upside of taking a more sustainable view.

Key Takeaways:

  • Thailand is becoming a place where more and more people want to go live.
  • The fact of the matter is that the more people that are using eco-friendly properties that are better for the environment.
  • This article highlights seven properties in Thailand that stand out for their eco-stance.

“Everything about The Island Hideout is serene. From the locally-sourced building structures to its views overlooking Phang Nga Bay, this island retreat is as relaxing as it gets.”

Seven luxurious eco-friendly hotels and resorts in Thailand

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Here’s why Hua Hin in Thailand should be your next big escape

Hard to believe but Hua Hin, a tranquil resort destination, lies near the rambunctious Bangkok. Hua Hin offers something for everyone. Wine lovers flock their to enjoy their favorite drink, golfers roam its many courses (there are over then of them to help you test your swing) and vacationers take advantage of its beaches and posh hotels. Best of all, the vacation town is a hidden gem meaning that it doesn’t suffer from overcrowding the way some other places do.

Key Takeaways:

  • One of the best places to go and see in Thailand is Hua Hin for a variety of different reasons.
  • Hua Hun is only 2 hours by car from Bangkok.
  • Largely undiscovered by tourists, you can enjoy a quieter time here than in better known locations such as Phuket and Samui.

“The more I travel the more convinced I am that the ultimate luxury at a hotel is not the toiletries or the linen — it is space. A large bathroom, open areas, outdoor seating options, a giant bed to sink into and loads of space to move around … that to me is real luxury.”

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Bangkok luxury poised to push through the US$300 ceiling

Bangkok’s luxury hotels have consistently maintained a remarkably low rate profile over the past decade, a phenomenon that is welcomed by luxury seekers in the know, but to Bangkok hotel owners and managers’ chagrin. Thailand has seen a soaring and sustained growth in the tourism industry as well as a strong economy, yet despite these positives, the rates at the top tier hotels in Bangkok have refused to show an increase, instead they have remained stagnant. This is thanks in part to a very impressive pipeline of evermore luxurious properties opening throughout the Kingdom, but particularly in Bangkok.

Rosewood Bangkok is one of the latest entries to the Bangkok luxury hotel scene in recent times and the author states that he had an opportunity to visit it. The Rosewood is beating all odds with its 159 keys. The author states that it is achieving high rates in Bangkok. The design approach undertaken by Rosewood is revolutionary and impressive. Design & Concept firm Avroko carried out a non-uniform approach with emphasis on the restaurants and bars, while Celia Chu Design and Associates worked on its rooms and public areas. The author states that coming back to the subject of rates, top tier hotels in Bangkok have been averaging rates of $200 to $240 for years and that is very bad for their reputation. The question is, will other hotels find the courage to follow Rosewood’s move or will the market cause a correction in the pricing strategy?

Key Takeaways:

  • Owners of hotels and hotel managers in South East Asia encounter a lot of mystery but one key mystery they face is Bangkok’s low profile luxury hotel set.
  • There has been much improvement to the tourism industry and the area has a strong economy but rates in top hotels in Bangkok remain stagnant.
  • With the arrival of many highly anticipated super luxurious hotels in Bangkok this year, will we see average rates above USD300 per night going forward?

“Taking a step back, and looking at recent entries like the Waldorf Astoria, and upcoming 101 key Capella, what is clear is luxury properties are shifting in terms of key drivers of the segment of art, fashion, residential vibe, bar and restaurant offerings, wellness and events.”

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