Tarutao Marine National Park: A 51-island Thai archipelago that remains untouched by tourists

The bright blue sea associated with the Tarutao National Park is the perfect getaway for those who are looking for something completely different from traditional vacation options. These 51 islands are hardly ever touched by tourists, and they are the antithesis of a typical, event-packed vacation. Locals can be seen barefoot on decks, reading through books while relaxing and drinking socially. There are no upbeat restaurants or casinos, it is just you, the land, and the residents of the islands.

Key Takeaways:

  • One writer took a small ship adventure cruise through the Thai and Malaysian islands, which allowed him to experience a portal to an earlier version of these areas.
  • The cruise was a “Peregrine Adventures,” enterprises that specialize in taking small groups on off the beaten track excursions.
  • Peregrine Adventures is committed to responsible travel and providing those journeying with local experiences.

“Some of my fellow passengers kayak or paddleboard around little coves where the emerald water is as clear as vodka and so warm it invites you to fall overboard.”

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A Maze of Amazing Bangkok Khlongs

Bangkok101 takes us on a journey along the khlongs and back-alley waterways of Bangkok.

Klong Dao Kanong is a canal in Bangkok. Travelers on the Kanong will experience several sharp right angles as they proceed along the waterway’s path. The banks of the canal also incorporate a wealth of interesting history that can be seen in the array of buildings and edifices. A buzz of factory activity was once the norm in the area and many old buildings attest to this. There are houseboats, verdant greenery and an array of wildlife to be seen. Some of the religious edifices include a large Buddha and an imposing black monk in a golden robe. The monk is a testament to the canal’s history, as monks would at one time go out in boats to receive early morning alms. There’s a new school and a snake farm. A trip to view all the treasures and history of the canal takes about three hours.

Key Takeaways:

  • Bangkok is one of the world’s most visited cities and that is because it is so unique.
  • The large river that runs through the city is one of the things about the city that catches the eye.
  • In general, Bangkok is very cheap to travel to and to stay at for people looking to visit.

“The main river is full of visual treasures and lasting experiences. A mighty river loaded with Asian history.”

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Modena by Fraser Buriram opens in Thailand

Late last year Fraser Hospitality was one of the first international hotel brands to open its doors in Buriram province in Thailand. The Isaan area on Northeast Thailand is short of international grade hotels and Frasers entry into the market will surely be welcomed by business travelers and others who visit the area such as conference goers.

Key Takeaways:

  • Frasers Hospitality has opened a 152 unit hotel in north-eastern Thailand.
  • The hotel, Modena by Fraser Buriram is Frasers Hospitality’s fourth property in Thailand.
  • The new hotel is situated next to the Chang International Circuit race track and the Chang Arena.

“The hotel residence also boasts a complete range of facilities, including complimentary WI-FI, home entertainment systems, a swimming pool, 24/7 fitness centre, a launderette as well as a restaurant bar to meet the needs of every traveller.”

See 24 photos and check rates at Modena by Fraser Buriram

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Everything You Need to Know about Accor Plus for up to 50% off Dining and Discounted Hotel Stays

Members of Accor Plus can enjoy one complimentary night at a iconic hotel yearly. The benefits program covers over 800 hotels, numerous restaurants in 18 countries across the Asian Pacific. By joining the program, your membership has many perks such as deep discounts on hotel rooms and dining. It offers vouchers for savings on spa treatments and even a birthday cake. This is the ultimate option for people who love to travel or people who simply love the sights and history of Asia pacific.

Key Takeaways:

  • AccorHotels runs a paid membership program called Accor Plus that can be used for getting room rate discounts of up to 50% off at its Asian hotels.
  • The Le Club AccorHotels members is different from the Accor Plus membership because the former is a free loyalty program with rewards based on amount spent on hotels.
  • The Le Club AccorHotels program is related to the AccorPlus program because by purchasing the latter you get upgraded to silver status in the former.

“The Stay Plus benefit can be utilised across Asia Pacific. As you can imagine, using the Stay Plus certificate at AccorHotels’ top properties can be competitive. With that being said, it is not impossible as I have recently managed to utilise my Stay Plus benefit at the beautiful Sofitel Singapore City Centre.”

Top Accor properties in Thailand:



Check out the Shutterwhale’s rundown on everything You Need to Know about Accor Plus for up to 50% off Dining and Discounted Hotel Stays below.

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Why is Thailand so popular for medical tourists?

More and more people are traveling to Thailand for medical care, and it is leaving medical experts in other countries wondering why. Research is now emerging that shows Thailand is one of the number one spots for both invasive and non-invasive surgery mainly due to convenience. There are very affordable round-trip options when it comes to traveling internationally to Thailand, and this mixed with the warm weather that blesses the country make it a great place to seek out top-quality medical care.

Thailand has many foreign-trained doctors and undoubtably one of the biggest draws is cost, with prices being attractive when compared to western markets, even after factoring in costs after insurance.

Key Takeaways:

  • Thailand is popular for medical tourism because it is home to over 1,000 private medical facilities with experienced surgeons.
  • Another factor is the Thai government strongly supports the medical industry financially.
  • Medical tourism in Thailand is a major draw due to its variety of treatments and procedures it provides, such as gender reassignment or plastic surgeries.

“Thailand has now emerged as a world leader in the medical tourism sector with groundbreaking medical facilities together with an incredible adventure-tourism hotspot.”

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