Complete Guide To The Bangkok Train Markets

Bangkok is one of the most well known cities in the world. In general, that makes it the most well known city in Thailand and the one that is most frequently visited. There are so many things to see and do in Bangkok that it is difficult to fit everything into one trip. Everybody knows about the famous floating markets, but lesser known are the train markets. Some of these train markets are so called because they are set up on and around train tracks that are still in use! When a train approaches, the vendors all pull their wares and stall awnings back like clockwork and the second the train passes, they quickly put everything back down and carry on as if a huge train did not just roll by centimeters away.

Key Takeaways:

  • Rod Fai Night Market in Ratchada is popular with home-grown Thais, which means the prices are excellent.
  • The Rod Hai Markey in Srinakarin is even more huge than its sibling in Ratchada, besides having a famously festive ambiance.
  • Rodfai Thonburi Market is so authentic restaurateurs visit the market to buy provisions for their establishments on a daily basis.

“Fun, colourful, sometimes crazy, often crowded, and full to bursting with fantastic sights, smells and sounds, Thai street markets are famous all over the world — and they’re a great place to pick up a bargain.”

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Accor Rebrands and Launches a New Loyalty Program

Hotel chain Accor is doing two key things to improve its image and increase brand loyalty. The first is a rebranding from AccorHotels to Accor. The second is a revamp of its loyalty program. Its loyalty program used to be not very attractive, but it is revamping different key points such as sports, dining and entertainment. Accor will be spending $255 million on a revamp of their loyalty program, which they are renaming “ALL”, which stands for “Accor Live Limitless.” As compared to key competitors such as Marriot and Hilton, Accor books a significantly lower percentage of its bookings through its loyalty program. This is one measure it is looking to improve.

Key Takeaways:

  • Accor’s Loyalty Program under Sebastien Bezin will be overhauling some areas in need of refurbishment, including the areas of sports dining and entertainment.
  • Accor will shell out 255 million to create a new loyalty program that will launch under the acronym All.
  • The new ALL program, which will stand for Accor live limitless, is purported to cost less than monies spent by Accor’s competition on promoting their respective loyalty programs.

“Aside from amplifying experiences and boosting awareness of Accor via new partnerships, the sum will also be spent on new brand marketing that is designed to improve consumer perception of Accor’s brands from functional to experiential.”

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Nikko Bangkok dangles special opening rates

As many people are aware, Bangkok plays home to millions of tourists on a yearly basis. It is massive business in Bangkok and something that many people are trying to tap into. People feel as if visiting Bangkok is something that is on their bucket list and that they have to do. This new hotel, the Nikko Bangkok, is trying to get people excited about their place. They have new special opening rates for people that will come stay there.

Located in the Thong Lor district of Bangkok, a trendy area of bangkok popular with Japanese expats, The Hotel Nikko Bangkok opened in January 2019 and offers a more economical stay to its big sister, the nearby The Okura Prestige Bangkok, while still providing omotenashi, the unique Japanese approach to hospitality.

Hotel Nikko Bangkok is on the 2019 New Thai Hotels Master List.
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Key Takeaways:

  • Even before its scheduled opening in 2019 the Nikko Bangkok is offering a special rate for a superior room.
  • The special price is 5,200++ baht, or 157 dollars in U.S. money.
  • The offer will be available from February 2019, through June 30 o 2019 and it includes a breakfast for two.

“Located at 27 Sukhumvit Soi 55, within walking distance of the BTS Skytrain Thonglor station, Hotel Nikko Bangkok features 301 guest rooms and suites, including 10 extended stay rooms complete with kitchenette.”

See 35 more photos and check rates at the Hotel Nikko Bangkok

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Complete Guide To Sukhothai

Sukhothai is an ancient city that is known for its tropical climate and sites such as the Sukhothai Historical Park. If you’re interested in visiting Sukhothai during a trip to Bangkok, you can expect to travel approximately 270 miles until you reach the destination. Most tourists find that November is the best time to travel due to the accommodating temperatures. April tends to be the hottest month for Sukhothai, so it is best to avoid April trips accordingly.

Key Takeaways:

  • The cultural city of Sukothai is ancient and mysterious and was once the heart of the Thai Kingdom.
  • Most tourists prefer to avoid the rainy season when they want to visit Sukothai but prefer doing so in November.
  • You can get to Sukothai from either Bangkok or Chiang Mai. The transportation link from these places is good.

“Contemporary Sukhothai comprises the glorious ruins of the old capital — now a UNESCO world heritage site — the peaceful contemporary city surrounds, and nearby tourist attractions and historical sites.”

Where to stay in Sukhothai

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Bangkok to host first Orient Express hotel following Accor acquisition

Tristen Auera has created a residential spin-off of the beloved Orient Express trains that ran luxuriously through Bangkok by introducing the new AccorHotels suites. They started planning its developing back in 2017, and it will feature approximately 154 rooms for guests to stay in. Bangkok residents and tourists alike are eager to see if the hotel truly embodies what the Orient Express used to offer onlookers and riders back when it was in its prime.

Key Takeaways:

  • The King Power Mahanakhon building will be the site of the first new Orient Express Hotel, since the Accor acquisition.
  • The original Art Deco motif of the Orient Express carriages will be artistically translated into a modern skyscraper.
  • Tristan Auer is the architectural designer who will create the artistic translation.

“The original Orient Express trains were famous for the highest standards of fine craftsmanship, the newest innovations and the most exquisite dining and so Orient Express Mahanakhon Bangkok will bring together the best names in these fields to reinterpret the art of luxury travel.”

Orient Express Mahanakhon Bangkok is included in our 2019 New Thai Hotels Master List

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