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You may have noticed the updated look of this site. I hope you like it. I put a lot of work into it and am pretty happy with how it looks (though I’m still a little worried some people might think it is too pink).

Two of the options for automatically receiving updates from this site are subscribing to the RSS feed and email updates. You can follow with RSS at  newthaihotels.com/feed/ through the reader of your choice or through your browser. I recommend Feedly, which, since the death of Google Reader has pretty much become the default feed reader for folks who use RSS. Just click the button below to subscribe through Feedly. (It’s a free service.)

follow us in feedly

Some people prefer to get updates emailed to them. This is a very convenient option and quite popular. Below is a screenshot of the mail that went out after yesterday’s post, so you can see an example of what to expect. If you would like to suscribe to receive these there is a signup form on the right sidebar of every page of this site. I normally post twice a week, so that will mean two email updates a week. You can unsubscribe with one click at any time.

Important notice to previous subscribers

If you have been receiving email updates from this site before today and you wish to keep receiving them, you will need to re-subscribe to the new feed, as the address for both the RSS feed and email subscriptions has changed.

I apologise for any inconvenience.  I’m using feedburner to pretty-up the feed and to be honest, I’ve lost the login to the email account I used when I set up the original feed in Feedburner. In fact I don’t even know the email address I used back then, and Feedburner, aka Google, are no help getting that information. I am sorry about that. Agoda

RSS subscribers should be automatically updated but email subscribers will need to unsubscribe to the old one (there is an unsubscribe link at the bottom of each email) and subscribe again through the link on the sight, or by clicking here     Subscribe to New Thai Hotels by Email

email subscription example
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NewThaiHotels was the brainchild and passion of Aaron's for 4 years. Age forced him to get a "real" job. He now resides in Tokyo.

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