Why you should visit Thailand’s Chiang Mai

Chiang Mai is the second unofficial city of Thailand. It stands out in sharp contrast to Bangkok. The price tag for offerings like hotel accommodations is low while street food and cool bars makes taking it easy here simple. There are lots of temples that catch the attention. One example of this is the Wat […]

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Finding luxury in the rice fields of Thailand

Some people travel for the love of seeing the world, others choose to travel to experience the world as a native of that country. Thailand combines the unique experience of luxury living with authentic day to day work of its citizens. At this Four Seasons resort in Chiang Mai , you’ll be able to work […]

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Visiting the Elephant Sanctuary Park in Chiang Mai

Elephant Jungle Paradise Park is a highly-rated tourist attraction and elephant preserve located in an out-of-the-way location about two hours outside Chiang Mai, Thailand. It is home to a herd of (mostly) tame elephants that visitors can interact with under the close supervision of the elephants’ individual keepers. This can include feeding or playing with […]

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North Hill City Resort Chiang Mai

North Hill City Resort Chiang Mai Royal Suite

If you are heading to the cosmopolitan north of Thailand and the cultural hub known as Chiang Mai, the latest addition to the hotel scene in this eclectic and dynamic city is the North Hill City Resort Chiang Mai.  Opened in August 2016, this luxurious five-star resort will make an appearance as the “pretty lady” […]

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Chiang Mai, Thailand, guide: what to do, plus the best hotels and restaurants

Chiang Mai is a travel destination that is sure to appeal to the tourists and others who are sick of the heavily trafficked and polluted urban sprawl of Bangkok. The regional airport received some much needed upgrades in 2014 and the increase in flights has made the town much easier to reach. There is yoga […]

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