On Vacation? How to Keep the Boss at Bay.

Vacation, or time away from work is important to everybody. It gives us a chance to unwind and recharge our batteries so to speak. Many times however, in this day and age of such technology, it can be hard for a person to truly escape the office even when on vacation. Many bosses get used to the idea that through email, text, etc. they can reach an employee even if they are at home or enjoying a day off. In many cases, indirectly the employee has unknowingly trained his or her boss to believe this is ok simply by going the extra mile and taking the phone calls, emails , etc. when they are away from work.

Bosses and supervisors tend to rely on people they can trust time and time again. This is all fine and good, but when an employee is on vacation, they need not worry about what’s going on at work. Without causing problems at your job, there are certain things you can do to correct the habit of being bothered on your day off. The following tips can be helpful this summer if you don’t want to be constantly bugged while you are on vacation:
– Warn your boss in advance that you’ll be away from email.
– You don’t have to get into detail.
– Inform about the transition you have done for the other worker who is backup for you
– If problem persists again, ignore your boss email for a day during your vacation.Boss will try for other option.
– When you get back to the office, make a point of noting how energizing it was to take a head-clearing break, and how ready you are to dive back into work as a result.

Managing harmony and success in the work place can be tricky, but a person should never feel guilty for taking well deserved time off, especially when many of us these days put in a lot of nights and weekends aside from the regular forty hours per week. Keeping this in mind, it is always good to remind your boss how relaxing and good for your morale it was to have the time off. Everyone needs time to recharge their batteries and a good boss should understand this.

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On Vacation. How to Keep the Boss at Bay?

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