Want to stay in a vegan hotel? In Thailand, soon you may be able to.

Thailand will soon open the world’s first in environmentally friendly and vegan luxurious hotels. The hotel is named PlantLife Hotel Sanctuary. The hotel will give guests an opportunity to share the time with rescued animals and also explore the beautiful nature that is surrounding them. The hotel has a simple mission and that involves providing a luxurious travel experience to guests that is vegan while creating experiences that does not compromise ethics. The website states that we can live in luxury with plant life and never cause harm to nature or to the animals that are surrounding us. They believe that no one should be made to suffer for them to achieve their goals of luxury. That is why the hotel ensures that it is vegan in all its operations to protect the wellbeing of its guests, nature, and wild animals. Joanna and Alex Hellier were the founding fathers of PlantLife Hotel Sanctuary. Their disappointment which made them bond was over the lack of vegan accommodations in the hotel industry and they came together to make this a reality. They wanted to protect the environment and then protect animals in nature, and that is why they started the hotel.

Don’t get too excited yet though, the project is to be funded via crowdfunding on Indiegogo, with a goal of USD 870,000 (how much they can get done for that amount is a question for another day), but at the time of writing this article, they had only raised USD 6129 with only 3 days left.

You can view the funding campaign and make a contribution on their Indigogo page here: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/the-worlds-1st-luxury-vegan-solar-powered-hotel#/ 

Key Takeaways:

  • For those who love the vegan lifestyle, the world’s first vegan hotel that is environmentally friendly and convenient will soon be launched in Thailand.
  • The hotel is called PlantLIfe Hotel Sanctuary and will offer guests the opportunity to have good time to spend with rescued animals and explore nature.
  • The mission of the hotel as stated on its website is to provide a vegan travel experience for guests that is luxurious without compromising ethics.

“Perhaps fittingly, the duo met while traveling, bonding over a shared disappointment that there is often a lack of vegan or environmentally-friendly accommodations in many parts of the world.”

Read more: https://tophotel.news/want-to-stay-in-a-vegan-hotel-in-thailand-you-now-can/

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1 thoughts on “Want to stay in a vegan hotel? In Thailand, soon you may be able to.

  1. Vijay Patel

    Hey, Thank you for sharing this great information. It’s really great that they are bringing such kind of hotels in actual. Nowadays everything is becoming environment-friendly from like vehicles, refrigerators, etc. now they bring vegan hotel as well, it’s really amazing to hear that. I love animals, so If I plan to stay in such a hotel, it will be a great time and it would be great fun for me. So, I really loved reading your blog. Thank you so much for sharing. Keep Posting.

    May 27, 2019 at 6:38 pm

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